using the latest Artificial Intelligence resources, we are able to reduce costs and produce stunning marketing videos that drive the human behaviors you measure and manage

Marketing Video Examples

Custom AI Video Production Process

AnalyzeWe will work with your team to understand your organization, products, services, mission, project objectives, and specific video audience, so we know what questions to ask and direction to take heading into design.
DesignWith as little, or as much input from your team, we will storyboard your video project with laser focus on the intended audience, driving the behaviors you desire, measure, and manage within your marketing plan. This includes all style, imagery, jargon, and details desired that you want associated with your organization.
DevelopWith a clearly defined approval process, we create all the images, videos, and graphics with AI assistance. We outline, write, and improve your script through AI resources. After full approval of all video components, we use AI generation software to create your one-of-a-kind AI Marketing Video.
ImplementWe will strategically rollout your AI Video to gain final input and direction from a select group of key stakeholders before finalization and utilization. The use of your AI Video will depend on your needs and our availability. If rollout is internal, all viewing and behavioral data should be collected for evaluation.
EvaluateWith your AI Video in action and data collected, we can determine the number of new or existing customers completing the desired behavior specified in your AI video. Your AI Video ROI will more than surpass your expectations and other marketing expenses.

Video Ads Management Services

I will work with you to create and manage your video ads schedule targeted to get the results you desire. Ads management services are customized for each client to work within your organizational structure and the human resources that you have dedicated to achieving your marketing goals.